On Wednesdays We Eat Breakfast

With graduation coming up faster than a freight train that I don’t know how to get away from, my friends and I have started a new tradition: Breakfast Club (yea…we mix our movies up sometimes). Every Wednesday morning we make our way to the local diner and spend an hour or two eating the most delicious pancakes and french toast on the menu while we talk about everything – school, our futures, freshman year, work…

We’ve only been getting together for about a month or so now, but it already feels like a tradition that I’m going to miss like crazy after we graduate next month and some of us leave this town.  I think that’s probably because even though the diner and Wednesday mornings are new, we’ve been doing this since freshman year when we would wake up earlier than we would have otherwise liked to on Sunday to get breakfast at the school’s dining hall.

Talking to these women about everything is a tradition in itself, with or without breakfast.  One that I’m going to miss too much come May.  I think that means it’s time to start talking about Dinner Club…

pumpkin bread french toast

What are some traditions you and your friends have?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01001623793672673010 The Natalie Diaries

    Pumpkin bread french toast!?!? Be still my heart :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12659553783615220768 Kiersten

      It is fantastic…. I’ve decided I need to learn how to make it, and when I do I’m sharing the recipe on here!