Post-Grad Realizations

I’m coming to you today as a college graduate.

photo by Jillian Lusch

On Saturday morning, I sat on the football field next to the same people I’ve spent the last four years sitting next to in classrooms, and one by one we heard our names called as we walked across the stage.

The thing is, I think I’m still in shock.  In one moment, I feel exactly the same as I did a week ago – a 22-year-old college student worrying about classes and grades, and the next I realize that isn’t who I am anymore.  Now I’m a post-grad (albeit one who still has months of school left to receive my paralegal license), and that means that in a sense, everything is different.

photo by Jillian Lusch

One by one, over the next couple weeks, most of the people who I’ve spent the last four years with will leave this town, whether to start graduate school, go home, or start their career.

It’s a crazy feeling to know that for the last several years, we’ve been able to walk a couple blocks and see one another whenever we want.  We’ve spent most weekends together, spent hours cramming for finals and writing 15-page papers in the library.  And now, at best we’ll see each other every couple of months.

photo by Jillian Lusch
four years ago, we started college together on the 7th floor of this building.  

I think that realization – that most of us are leaving this town in a few days and won’t be coming back – that’s more terrifying than the realization that I’m not a college student anymore.

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  • Valerie Perez

    Believe me, I know how that feels (I went through it just one year ago) and it still feels strange sometimes. It’s a big change and sometimes it will be hard, but true friends always find a way to stay close. You are all off to bigger and better things now, embrace the change! And most of all, cherish the memories you made with each other these past four years.

    Best of luck with whatever plans you have for your future as a post-grad :)

    xo, Val @

  • Sinead

    I completely know how you feel! I finished college for good this week (post-grad done) and it’s so weird to think I won’t be a student anymore when I’ve been a student my entire life! it’s so sad when things end and goodbyes are definitely the hardest things. I’m trying to just be excited for the next chapter in the book though :) x

    Sinead –

    • Kiersten

      I know – it’s such a weird feeling to have no idea what comes next. I’m getting my paralegal license, but that only takes 7 or 8 months. After that, everything’s unplanned. Good luck!!

  • Lexalicious

    i know the feeling! i didn’t even say bye to most of my friends when i left college because i couldn’t face it and couldn’t believe it. (denial much?) i know now that the next chapter is so exciting and being a “real person” is pretty fun! congrats on graduation and good luck!


    I know how you feel, but college friends are the ones you keep for life! It can certainly be hard not having them so close, though. Congratulations on graduating!