Friday Favorites: The Blogging Edition

Every Friday, I round up my favorite links, articles, websites, and videos from the last seven days and share them here for your perusal.  Today, I want to take that concept, and apply it to my favorite blogging resources from all over the Internet.


// I just started this awesome blog design course from A Beautiful Mess recently, and I’m loving it! Everything is explained in super simple terms, and each lesson is followed up with “homework” so you can apply what you’ve just learned and really drill it in.  I’ve been wanting to learn coding and design for a while now, and I’m so excited this exists to make it easier!

This isn’t a free resource – it costs $45 for the course.  But for me, that cost is completely worth it, especially given how much I could theoretically make from making blog designs in the future. If you’re interested in learning that particular art, then this course is a must!

// Nadine from East & has rounded up all of her favorite blogging resources - including posts of her own, as well as ones all over the Internet.  Her curation is a perfect place to go to find almost anything you might be looking for!

// I know I’ve already mentioned Nadine, but this particular post deserves it’s own category.  She’s rounded up a list of 7 places with free stock photos you can use on your blog or website, however you want.  This is a HUGE resource for bloggers, especially if you’re not too into photography yourself, or just don’t have time to get pictures for every post.

// Addie Zierman is in herself, a huge blogging resource.  This post pools together over 40 of her favorite blogging resources, and there are definitely some gems here!

// Influenster is a great resource not to find readers and connect, but to sort of monetize your blogging (and other social media) efforts.  The site calculates a score based on your blog and any other social media sites you provide, and based on that score you could be offered free products, coupons, etc.  I’ve gotten a couple of “gifts” from Influenster already, and they’ve had some pretty cool products.

// I absolutely love keeping up with Regina’s blog! She’s got tons of experience, and isn’t shy about sharing her abundance of knowledge for blogging, launching a creative business, and creative coaching.  I can’t even tell you how many of her posts I have pinned.

// This Pinterest board that Helene created is a huge resource for me, not just for finding awesome posts and articles, but also for sharing my own blog-related posts.

// Is anyone else completely lost when it comes to SEO, because I know it seems like a language I will never speak to me.  This post is a great run down of what you need to know as a blogger.

So what about you? What must-have blogging resources did I forget here?

  • Sydney

    awesome links! All very helpful and practical. I’m glad to know that the A Beautiful Mess courses are worth while (I mean they seemed awesome but it’s good to hear it from another blogger!) Have a great weekend :)

  • Jackie @ Our Nashville Life

    Thanks for all these. I’m glad to hear you are liking the Beautiful Mess blogging course. It’s something I’ve had my eye on.

    <3 Jackie

  • Caity O’Shaughnessy

    Bookmarking this – so many useful links!

  • Marielle Green

    I also love Nadine’s blogging resources page – so much great stuff there. I’ve been sporadically working on learning coding too – and are great for learning and playing around with stuff.


    I have been doing the Beautiful Mess’s Blog Life course. I love it! Maybe I should do the design course next!

  • Natalie Groth

    Pugly Pixel has great resources too! Check her out as well :)

  • Itunu Aromolaran is great for making blog headers and icons!

  • Kim Herrington

    Thanks for the shoutout about my SEO article! I’m releasing a self-guided SEO course for bloggers soon you might like to know about. I’m not sure the exact release date but it should be really really soon!

  • Anne

    Thanks for there great tips. I would love to try that blog course and looked into it. I don’t have Photoshop. Do you think that’s a problem?