The Words That Create Us

I’ve said before that I don’t know what I believe in, but if there is anything – I think it may be our capacity as human beings to tell stories.  Through music, books, movies, spoken word…we tell stories every time we communicate, and it’s a way not only of connecting us to one another, but to every generation before and after us.


The words I’m writing now will be read by all of you tomorrow, and maybe even years from now (a girl can dream).  At the same time, they’re inspired by the words I’ve read and heard my entire life.  Based on all of the books I’ve connected to, and songs I’ve played on repeat. The stories my family has told over and over, and the textbook definitions and histories I’ve memorized.

These stories we tell – however seemingly unimportant – are our past, present, and future. They connect us to the earth all around us, and to the children we’ll never meet. They define us in a way that religion – every religion in history – is only a piece of.

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