Friday Favorites

// The 2nd season of Hemlock Grove aired on Netflix today, which means that if at any point this weekend you’re unsure of where I am – I’m probably binge-watching.  It also means that right now, I have my screen split: Hemlock Grove on the left, blog post on the right.

// This quote.


// This really cool DIY from But First, Coffee.  I love canvas prints, and have been looking for a way of making one that doesn’t involve my terrible handwriting with a paintbrush.

// The secret project Marielle and I are coming up with for next month.  I am so excited, so stay tuned for details!

// This amazing poem

  • Gabrielle Reece

    I noticed that show today on Netflix and I have never seen it!!

    Just now catching up on my blog subscriptions because I haven’t had internet in 2 weeks, yikes!

  • Camila

    I watched Hemlock Grove last year on a friend’s suggestion and I was sooo confused, 13hours later I was like ‘what did I just spend the night watching?’ haha glad to hear there is a second season, I really want to see where it’s heading!