Friday Favorites

// This Twitter chain of people’s favorite bloggers.  I posed the question earlier this week, and have been loving the responses I’ve gotten!

// This fantastic inspirational series from Clear the Way.  I’m seriously in love guys, and you need to go check it out! (and while you’re at it, basically just check out everything from Kate, because she’s awesome!)

// This post from mine and Marielle’s first every F-Word Link Up.  Every post linked up was fantastic, but I loved that Kasey covered a topic which is usually completely fazed over in feminist conversations. (and if you didn’t get a chance to link up yesterday, you still have until Thursday to get your post up!)

// The book The Bitch in the House.  I finished this collection of short stories recently, and loved every minute of it!  Definitely a must read book :)

// Speaking of books, Goodreads is quickly becoming one of my favorite social media sites!  Let’s be friends :)

// The atmosphere in Philadelphia.  While I was in the city the other day, I was walking past the Schuylkyll and listening to a man playing the saxophone.  It’s just such an incredible feeling to be surrounded by that.
// Crochet! I’ve been getting back into it lately, and it’s just such a relaxing activity while I’m watching television or getting ready for bed.  Do you crochet or knit?

So what about you?  What are you loving this week?

  • Marielle Green

    Our link up yesterday made me so happy – it was so fun to read. I loved Kasey’s post; that was definitely an area I’d never thought of. And I’m a crafter! Every once in a while, I go through an intense period where I just knit/crochet for days/months. . .

  • Shannon

    I can knit a scarf or anything in a rectangular shape but I used to cross stitch and am thinking of getting back into that. Love the lavender in your picture. Flower pics always get me to click =) Have a great weekend Kiersten!


  • Becca @ Becoming Adorrable

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn how to crochet, and I just can’t seem to get it. I try every few years, haha!

  • SarahChristineStyle

    I love these type of posts, I always end up opening up a bunch of new tabs. Goodreads is one of my favorite sites, I just added you!

  • Stacia, Paper Swallow Events

    I ADORE Goodreads! Going to find you now. :)

  • Shybiker

    Philly is a fun city. I have friends there and visit every few months. I want to learn how to knit; it’s the kind of relaxing activity that’s healthy for us.