My Writing Process: A Tour Through Blogland

This series is one I’ve seen passing around the blogging community over the last couple months, and I was so so excited when Belle and Emily nominated me to discuss my writing process as part of the tour!  Writing is obviously a huge part of this hobby we all share, and it’s been so fun to see how my favorite bloggers come up with the words they write here every day.
writing process

The Rules

// Let everyone know the blogger who nominated you, so they can head over there and check out their writing process tour next.
// Answer the questions about your writing process.

// Nominate a few other bloggers whose writing process you’d love to learn more about.

About My Writing Process

What am I working on right now?

I’m super excited, because Marielle and I just posted our second F-Word Link-Up last week! This is a series we’d been working on for a while, and I was so happy when we finally went live with it in August.  
If you’re not familiar with the link-up yet, Marielle and I decided to put it together when we realized that there were a ton of feminist bloggers out there, and we wanted a way to bring them all together.  When I started blogging five years ago, I’d have had no idea how to find these types of posts, and it wasn’t until recently that I did start to find how many bloggers there are out there sharing their feminist opinions!
And on a more personal side, unrelated to my blog, I’m working on editing a personal non-fiction essay I started in March.  I took the piece to the Boldface Writers’ Conference in Texas with me back in May, and I’ve been dragging my feet on making “final” edits to it.

How does my work differ from others of the genre?

I always like to say that technically, She is Fierce is a Lifestyle Blog but that when I think about it, this blog isn’t about my life (and there’s certainly nothing resembling “style” on this little space).  I rarely talk about the specific details of my life just for the sake of talking about what’s going on with me lately.  Instead, I try to make myself come across to my readers by way of the things that are really important to me: feminism, current events, creative writing, blogging, and other things along those lines.  A big part of my writing process, and coming up with new content, is making sure it’s something that I feel strongly about and would want to have a conversation about, and that I think will inspire my readers in some way. 
Instead of an “If We Had Coffee” post around here, you’ll find personal essays, thoughts on my belief systems, feminism, and current events, and creative writing.  While I know that the lifestyle blogging community is full of different bloggers and different subjects, I like to think that mine isn’t something you’d find anywhere else – at least not when you put it all together.

Why do I write what I do? 

I write posts about the things that are important to me, about the topics I am passionate about.  The things I write about on She is Fierce are topics I want to have discussions about, and to get more information out there about.  As simply as I know how to put it, I blog about these topics because I think they’re important, and that someone needs to.  
My goal for this blog is for my readers to come here to learn, and to be inspired to think about their lives more deeply – about what they do, and why they do it.  I want readers to grow their opinions and knowledge about the world after leaving here.  

What is my writing process?

I don’t know if you can call what I have a process, but I do have some things I’ve started doing to help.  For years I’ve loved writing – I have notebooks full of crappy poems and one-page-short-stories from my high-school years, and I started blogging when I was 17-years-old.  But for some reason, I was never able to sit myself down and say “now write,” and come up with someone “good” and cohesive.

Blogging has really helped with that, and I’ve gotten to a point where all of my posts are written at night, around 5-10 p.m.  I’ve tried to get my blog onto a schedule, which means that I want my posts up and ready to read by 7 a.m. every day; so the night before, I know I need to write something.  And somehow, that’s worked.

But a lot of that is planning, and ideas.  I carry a small notebook around with me, and whenever I think of something worth writing, I put it in the notebook.  I also keep a running list of ideas in my Evernote on my computer, so that when it’s time to write a post, I have plenty of ideas.

And finally, my “process” involves a lot of procrastination (which you could guess from the fact that all posts are written the night before they go onto my blog).  I’ll sit down, pick out a photo and get that ready and into the post, but then it’s fair game for a million other things: watching Pretty Little Liars, getting a snack, scrolling through Tumblr and Twitter…You name it, and I’ll do it all before writing a single word of a post. 

Now It’s Your Turn

Now I want to hear from you – why do you blog, and how does your writing process work? Today, I’m nominating:
Kenzie from Hello Neverland
Kelly from The Lady Errant
Crystal from The Happy Type
  • Brita Long

    Somewhere in my parents’ house is a treasure trove of my early writing, including quite a few crappy poems from elementary and middle school and some very imaginative short stories!

    Blogging helps me write faster, but I still probably edit much more than a typical blogger. Also when I’m able to write my posts in advance, any text-heavy post is first reviewed by my husband for errors and clarity. I’m a stickler for good grammar, and I cringe at the rampant misuse of your/you’re among bloggers (including an English teacher whose blog I otherwise love).

  • Becca Dorr

    Carrying a notebook around helps me a lot!

  • Kiersten McMonagle

    It’s definitely something I’m glad I’ve started doing! I forgot so many good ideas because I never wrote them down…

  • Kiersten McMonagle

    Editing is definitely something I need to work on – it drives me crazy to see your/you’re and their/there/they’re mistakes, but I’m awful about editing my own work.

  • Marielle

    Ah, I’m the same way. I absolutely loathe seeing things like payed/paid, affect/effect, apart/a part. . .I could go on and on. It’s ironic that I’m not the best at editing my own stuff. I’m always pretty horrified whenever I notice/catch myself doing a your/you’re thing. . .sometimes they just slip past!

  • Marielle

    I like how you set aside time in the evening to write consistently so it’s ready in the morning! I’ve been trying to set aside a bit of time in the morning. . .but it doesn’t always work. When it comes down to it, I like not having a schedule, but I do sometimes wish I could be more organized.

  • Kiersten McMonagle

    I used to write in the morning, but when I started my office job, that wasn’t really possible anymore. My concern was that if I didn’t write the night before, my posts wouldn’t go live until after 5, and I didn’t want to be doing that regularly. Plus I’d like to get my blog onto a “schedule,” but that’s definitely a work in progress.

  • Jackie

    It’s really interesting to read a post like this! I always wonder how other bloggers find the time for the hobby.

    I would love to think I can find a consistent time to write, but my schedule just doesn’t allow for that.

    Like you though, I often jot down ideas I have for a post, because it’s good to be able to look over some ideas if I’m feeling a bit of writer’s block.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  • Kiersten McMonagle

    I know! I’ve really loved seeing these posts circulate the blogging community!

    It’s definitely not something I could have done when I was in school and waitressing, which is why it’s such a new thing right now. Now that I have steady work hours, I can set aside specific time each night to get blogging stuff done.