3 Ways to be a Better Sponsor

I’ve talked before about how to find the right sponsorship for your blog, and what you should be expecting out of a blogger you sponsor.  But the responsibility isn’t all on the blogger offering the sponsorships – it’s on the blogger buying them, too!  Without your help, there’s not a whole lot that sponsee can do to help you grow, and over the last few months since I’ve started offering sponsorships myself, that’s something I’ve learned now more than ever.  So today, I want to share my tips to be a better sponsor.

be a better sponsor

Answer Your Emails

Because blogging isn’t a store you can walk into and say “I’d like the large sponsorship package, please,” a huge part of communication for sponsors and sponsees happens via e-mail.  It’s how we communicate information about what your sponsorship includes, what we need from you, what you expect from us, and how we answer any questions you might have.  It’s on the sponsee to initiate that conversation, but without you to keep it going, we can’t promote you or help you in the way you might be expecting.

When I sign on with a new sponsor, I immediately e-mail them a hello letting them know what their package includes, what I need from them to make it happen, and that I’m here if they have any blogging questions or needs at all.  Usually, I hear back within a day or two, but I’ve also had that sponsor who I never once receive a response from. Let me just tell you, it’s hugely frustrating to email someone seven times in a month, only to never hear back and never be able to follow through with the promises you made in your sponsorship package because of it.

Keep Blogging

Everyone has a different blogging schedule, whether it’s five days a week, or every Tuesday at noon.  Whatever your blogging schedule is, keep up with it when you’re sponsoring someone.  Most sponsorship packages include some kind of social media love, and that is really hard to do when the blogger sponsoring you isn’t posting any new content that I can share.  Plus, it makes me wonder why you spent the money if you don’t have anything for me to promote.

totally understand that life gets in the way, and that’s absolutely more important.  My advice?  If something comes up and you can’t blog the way you usually do, send me an email.  We can work something out so that you can still get what you paid for.

Tell us What You Want

My number one goal when I take on a new sponsor is to help you achieve your blogging goals, whether that’s more followers, more commenters, more page views, or whatever else.  If you have a blogging question, I’d love to help!  And if the way I’m sharing your blog isn’t what you want or were expecting, tell me and we can work together to fit it more to your needs and expectations.

I’ve definitely made this mistake where I’m too nervous or shy to tell a blogger what posts I’d like help promoting, or what I’d like to get out of my month on their sidebar.  And in the end, I was the only one hurt by it, because I’d paid for a sponsorship that I didn’t get what I wanted out of.  Most bloggers want to help you, and they’re going to love if you tell them what you need help with.  If it’s something they can’t or aren’t willing to do, they’ll tell you; otherwise, it’s something you’re getting now that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

So what about you? What are your tips for being a better sponsor?

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  • http://simplicityrelished.com/ Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

    Thanks so much for the tips, Kiersten! I’m new to sponsoring and am learning the ropes so this is super useful:)

    • http://www.sheisfierce.org/ Kiersten McMonagle

      You’re welcome, Daisy!! I hope they help, and good luck with your sponsorships!

  • http://womansreflection.com/ Bijee

    Thank you for this! I’m about to try to dive into sponsoring. Found this very helpful…

    • http://www.sheisfierce.org/ Kiersten McMonagle

      Ahh good luck with it, Bijee! Sponsoring other blogs was seriously SOO helpful in getting my blog out there :) I hope these tips help!

  • http://www.thestyledunce.com/ Katie @ The Style Dunce

    Good tips! This I don’t even get: “I’ve also had that sponsor who I never once receive a response from.” Like, why would you even bother sponsoring someone then?

    • http://www.sheisfierce.org/ Kiersten McMonagle

      Exactly! Like I totally understand that life gets in the way, but then shoot me an email letting me know that you’re not gonna be around for a bit, and we can work something out to hold your sponsorship off until you’re around more.

  • http://wetherillssayido.com/ Madison

    Preach girl!!! Answering emails is my biggest pet peeve.

  • http://www.gorjaeous.com/ Jae

    I’m taking note of these things, Kiersten! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. You’re remain in my list of blogs to sponsor soon. :)