Friday Favorites, vol. 23

friday favorites

// In live, there are some things worth fighting for.  Of anyone, I definitely subscribe to that belief and I think this blog can be pretty good proof of that.  If something is really important to you, it’s more than worth taking a stand on.  Sometimes though, like Crystal says in this wonderful post, it’s not worth the fight.

// Feeling like your blog posts are in a bit of a rut, or you’re posting the same content a lot? Kenzie has some great tips on ways to mix it up with your blog content.

// If you’re having trouble focusing and getting your work done (and let’s be honest – we all do!), Tess has some great tips on making more use of your time WITHOUT distractions.

// Not sure what book to read next? This list is a great start!

  • Camila

    Oh those tips for productivity are great! It is kind of so obvious – and yet we need to be reminded from time to time!

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      Right? I think they’re the kinds of things we just need reminding of

  • Kate Amunrud

    Loved those content tips!

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      Aren’t they great! I definitely have them bookmarked!