The Bookshelf: October Reading List

I mentioned last week that one of my goals for this month is to finish at least three books before November.  Since then, I’ve been scouring Goodreads for what I want to add to my Kindle reading list, and so far, this is what I’ve come up with for October’s reading list.

reading list

Is Everybody Hanging out Without Me? 

-Mindy Kaling

This book has been in my Goodreads “to read” shelf for months now, and I’m so glad I finally jumped and bought it.  I just started Is Everybody Hanging out Without Me? this morning, but I love it and I’m pretty sure I’ll be finished before the end of the week.

To start, I love memoirs, and Kaling has a hilarious way of writing her story that had me laughing in the middle of Starbucks this morning as I drank my pre-work hot chocolate.  She’s hilarious, especially because you can see yourself in a lot of what she writes, without actually thinking “hey, oh my God we’re the same!”  Kaling’s life is completely different than yours, but you’re going to see yourself in a lot of what you’re reading, and I love that!

Yes Please!

-Amy Poehler

I am not-so-patiently awaiting the release of this book which I’m sure is both funny and meaningful rolled into one great, easy-to-read book.  Poehler is hilarious, so I’m counting on that, but I know that I’m going to love this book because it’s a feminist piece.

The Unnamed

-Joshua Ferris

I’ve had this book sitting on my bookshelf for years, and I can never seem to quite get into it.  It looks so interesting though, and I want to finish at least one book that I already own, so I’m hoping to make that happen this month!

So what about you? What are you reading this month that I should add to my November reading list?

  • Cassie

    I can’t wait to read Mindy and Amy’s books, too! (Weird that I called them by the first names just now? Whatever, I’m going with it – ha!) Bossypants is first on my library reading list, and then it’s onto those other talented, funny ladies.

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      hahaha I do the same thing constantly with celebrities, like calling all the actors from Doctor Who by their first names. My roommate is always pointing it out like, Kiersten – you don’t know them. And I definitely have Bossypants on my list, too!

    • Brita Long

      Bossypants is so good!!! I read it a few years ago. I also loved Seriously, I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres.

  • Emily Snider

    I’ve heard so many good things about Kaling’s book, I definitely need to pick it up! I’m currently slowly working through I Am Malala and highly recommend it – it’s a tough read at times because it’s so raw, but Malala is an incredible individual and worth the time it takes to read her story

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      It’s seriously SO funny. I Am Malala is definitely on my list, but I’m anticipating it being a really difficult read because like you said, the subject matter is really tough. It’s something I’m saving for when I have more time, like maybe when I’m finished up with my online courses and I have more free time.

  • Chelsea

    I want to read all of these!!

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      hahah So far I’ve only gotten started with Kaling’s, but it’s freaking hilarious! Like, laughing-out-loud-on-the-bus-ride-to-work kind of funny. I think people were starting at me.

  • Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

    Thanks for sharing these, Kiersten! I’m always looking for new books to dive into (and then I actually need to dive into them).

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      So am I, so that’s why I love sharing posts like these! I know how much I love finding lists of new books to read, so I figured I’d share what I’m enjoying :) I hope you found at least one to add to your list!

  • Kristen Warren

    i have heard good things about mindy and amy’s books, let us know if you like them!

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      I definitely will! I want to start writing book reviews more often, so I’ll make sure to do one on these!

  • Jae

    If you will notice in Goodreads, I haven’t started with anything yet this October. I plan on reading another Rainbow Rowell book, but I haven’t found the time. You know, I had to work on my goals for the month, and reading isn’t in my priority list.

    I don’t have any funny book to recommend to you, though!

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      I tried to read one of her books (I can’t remember the title…) and just couldn’t get into it unfortunately. I’ve heard so much good, though! And I can definitely see why you’ve had trouble so far this month – you have a lot going on, and reading just can’t be at the top of the list all the time. You’ll get to it when you have time!

      • Jae

        Perhaps you’re thinking of Eleanor & Park? I’ve read it, but it’s the least of my favorite. I started with Fangirl today, but at the rate I’m going, I think it will take me a while to finish it. :(

        • Kiersten McMonagle

          That’s exactly it! I read the first few chapters, but I just couldn’t get into it. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a while to finish a book, so long as you’re reading at all!

          • Jae

            Ha, I knew it! Perhaps I simply read it at the wrong time in my life. If I had been still in my teens, maybe I would have enjoyed it. I don’t know. Thanks, Kiersten! :)

  • Brita Long

    I read Mindy Kaling’s book earlier this summer! It’s definitely laugh-out-loud funny.

    My next three books will be rereading Tithe and Valiant by Holly Black before reading Ironside. And then reviewing them in my fourth fairy tale review column. Which is due the 15th. So it’s going to be an interesting few days between now and then.

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      Oooo I think I read Tithe when I was younger, but I don’t know if I ever went further in the series… Good luck with all that reading and writing!

  • He Calls Me Grace

    I really enjoyed Mindy Kaling’s book, it was a quick and easy read for sure. I’ve been recommended #girlboss a lot. But I can’t decide what I should read next.

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      I have a sample of #GirlBoss on my Kindle, but I just can’t seem to get into it unfortunately.