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What I love about Chits and Giggles is how real Kristyn is without making her blog feel like a diary.  Whatever she’s writing about, whether it’s a delicious recipe, how to clean your Keurig, or wedding planning, you know that Kristyn is undeniably the one writing it.

Chits and Giggles
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“Hi there!  I’m Kristyn.  I strive to bring humor along with real life events and personal trials to Chits and Giggles.  The name might sound like all fun and games, but I do touch on serious subjects as well.  I am also a newlywed, 30-something, and an Atlanta native. I am just sharing little bits of my life including all the “Chits” and the “Giggles”…get it?”

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  • Jessica Marie

    Checking out her DSLR camera tips! I’m still learning mine!

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      I am too! I’ve had my DSLR since high-school but I know hardly anything about it, to be honest