December Goals

December Goals

Reflecting on November: She is Fierce

I’ve been working on getting more personal on She is Fierce not with strictly personal posts, but by talking more about my life in posts that also serve another purpose.  I think that this is a great balance for me, a space between getting too personal and not enough, so I’m happy with that.  This month has also brought a small reboot to my sponsorship program, with the addition of some new options I’m excited about.  (And speaking of which, you can still get 40 percent off ALL ad spaces and services through the rest of the day.  Just enter the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!)

Reflecting on November: Life

Even though November is my birthday month (yay 23!), this has been a slow month in my life.  Mostly, November has been filled with getting into the routine of a 9 to 5 at my second month at an office, and figuring out how best to survive the daily commute.  Over the last couple weeks, I’ve applied to a few freelance opportunities around the Internet, and written some articles for a couple of other sources (like this one on HelloGiggles).  I’ve been working on letting go of the little things, which was one of my big goals for last month, and I think that for the most part I’ve been doing a good job.  As always though, this is a work in progress.

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December Goals

Ordering Out In short, I need to stop doing this so often.  Over the last couple weeks, I’ve ordered dinner out more times than I want to talk about, mostly because of how late I get home from work.  The thing is though, in the time I spend waiting for my food to be delivered, I could just as easily make something much healthier and cheaper.

Blog Planning Let it be known that I am the absolute worst at planning for this blog.  I have nothing even resembling an editorial calendar (I used to, but after months of not using it I just gave up and stopped making one at all), and for the most part I end up writing posts the day (or night) before they go live.  I want to get back to scheduling posts ahead of time and at least make a weekly editorial calendar.

Go One Week Without Meat I don’t think I could ever be a vegetarian, because there are certain foods that I love, like Italian sausage and steamed dumplings.  But for the most part, I don’t like meat very much, and I know how much healthier veggies are for me.  I’d like to go one week this month, just to see how it makes me feel, what I’m able to find to eat, and how difficult it is.

Clothing Dump The seasons are officially changing, and my closet is filled with clothes I never wear.  This month, I want to make it a goal to go through my drawers and closet and pull out all the things I don’t wear so that I can donate them, and hopefully make room for the types of clothes I want to be wearing.

So what about you? What are your goals for the last month of the year?

  • Lina

    For vegetarian recipes I can strongly recommend the Green Kitchen Stories and Minimalistbaker. They are the best! And I love listening to podcasts or audiobooks on all my commutes. That makes the time fly :)

  • Elle

    Good luck with the freelance stuff! I don’t really like meat either, just chicken. I tend to add a ton of vegetables when I make pasta, and just call it even :) And I’m with you on the clothing dump – I totally need to clean out my closet and just get rid of all the stuff I don’t wear, somehow.

  • socalledhomemaker

    Great goals! I have a great vegetarian chili recipe on the blog if you need some inspiration. ;)

  • Apparently Ashley

    I also turned 23 in November! :) I’m with you on the clothing dump. I have a packed-full closet as well as a bunch of drawers and shelves and I wear about a quarter of it all.

  • Mia Sutton

    How awesome – love your article on HelloGiggles!

    And I’m SO with you on the need to stop ordering out. I’m just so dang tired all the time and get a migraine just thinking about having to cook dinner when I get home from work. But I also need to save money and eat better. The struggle!!!! :)

  • Jessica Marie

    Great list! I need to clean out my drawers and closets too – I’ve shrunk out of a lot of my clothes. I usually donate to Purple Heart, but I want to see if Salvation Army is having anything for the holidays – I could give them as gifts to the less fortunate. :)

  • Brita Long

    The best way to cook more and order out less is to have really easy stuff on hand to make for dinner. Sometimes that does mean more expensive ingredients for convenience, or slightly less healthy options, but the overall balance WILL be healthier and cheaper that getting delivery. When I lived on my own and was very broke, I ate a lot of canned and frozen meals. These are easy to dress up and make healthier. Like you can just add some carrots to canned chicken noodle soup. Or even with ramen, I would use only half the seasoning packet and add sliced mushrooms, matchstick carrots, and chopped peppers to it. Eggs are really easy to cook in a dozen different ways. Chicken broth + raw scrambled egg = egg drop soup. Rice + scrambled egg + veggies + soy sauce = fried rice.