Friday Favorite, vol. 27

Friday Favorites

// Tumblr.  For a year or so in college I loved this site and then at some point, I just kind of stopped checking it.  Recently though, I made a new account and am back in action.  Do you have a Tumblr?  I’d love to follow along!

// Feeling uninspired lately? Jenny shares this great post filled with her go-to inspirations!

// I’ve always loved spoon rings, and I’d love to make my own.  For the most part, I’m too lazy to attempt something that not-easy in terms of crafts/art, but if I ever do try it – this tutorial from Caitlin at The Merrythought is perfect!

// A really important reminder from Mary that not being in a relationship does not make you wrong, or mean that you need help. Being single is not a bad thing, or something that you should apologize for.

  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    I had a tumblr at the beginning of college but I haven’t opened it in years now! x

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      That’s exactly where I was at with it! I honestly don’t know what made me even start a new one, but I tend to go there when I’m feeling mindless.

  • Jessica Marie

    “// A really important reminder from Mary that not being in a relationship does not make you wrong, or mean that you need help. Being single is not a bad thing, or something that you should apologize for.”

    So true! I should post this on City-Data! I’ll have to check out the uninspired post. I’ve never had Tumblr, what exactly is Tumblr?

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      I guess City Data isn’t what I thought it was…. Is that a social media site?
      Tumblr is another blogging system, like Blogger or WordPress. Generally though, people use it in more of a newsfeed type of way – not full length posts like what you would read here, and generally posting several times a day. It’s a lot of photos, gifs, 1-2 paragraph posts, that type of thing.

      • Jessica Marie

        It’s message boards and you can get data about every city in the world. I like the message boards, though… but sometimes some boards (like the relationship boards) can get out of hand. They also have blogs and photo albums. I guess it’s like an old MySpace in a way – it’s been around since 2003.

        Hmmm… I might have to check out Tumblr!

        • Kiersten McMonagle

          Ooo so it is what I thought. I just didn’t realize there was anything about relationships on there – I just thought it was straight city-related information.

          • Jessica Marie

            Yes, haha. They have relationships of all sorts, writing, work/employment/unemployment, sports and a whole bunch of other topics unrelated to cities and states. It’s interesting.

  • Shybiker

    It’s infinitely better to not be in a relationship than to be in a bad relationship. The absence of misery is itself happiness.

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      I agree, having seen a couple of friends go through really awful relationships.

  • TexErin

    My tumblr is my place where I kill time but don’t have to think. I just look at pretty pictures. find me here:

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      Exactly! While I do still post a lot of feminist stuff over there, it’s also a lot of Doctor Who and kittens, so I think it’s much easier than over here. I’m heading over to add you now!

  • Mary | Verily Merrily Mary

    Awww thanks for including my post among these great ones! I really liked the spoon rings post! I can image those rings being a great gift for my friends who have that hipster vibe in their fashion sense. Also, my Tumblr is

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      You’re welcome, Mary! It was a great one :) And I know – I love spoon rings!