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meet musings of a creative writer

“I started Musings of a Creative Writer in November 2010 for my creative pursuits. Earlier in 2010 I had a spiritual blog, but deleted it because it wasn’t my style and well, I moved in another direction and wanted to focus on that. When I created Musings of a Creative Writer, I was about to release my third self published book: In the Strawberry Patch, and wanted something to advertise my writing. Over the past four years the blog has expanded to everything creative: photography, scrapbooking, traveling, cooking, and writing. In the four years I’ve reached some surprising audiences from people contacting me to write their personal stories of illnesses and fundraisers they have started to bring awareness from people commenting me saying they used my party ideas and it made their parties much easier. Musings of a Creative Writer has become my baby and writing it is a pleasure for me. I’m glad it has helped people in the process.”

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