Meet the Sponsors: Simplicity Relished

Meet Simplicity Relished

Simplicity Relished is about living a simple life that brings joy and creativity into the community. While I share good stories, wardrobe tips, good recipes and reflections, the main theme is to live in a manner that values relationships, dreams, and becoming who we want to be!”

Meet Simplicity Relished
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Over the last month, I’ve had so much fun getting to know Daisy and the things she writes about, from blogging tips and tricks to relationship advice and travel stories! Without revealing too much of herself, Daisy lets her readers in to get to know her and you can always tell that simplicity is exactly the word to describe her lifestyle, whether it’s in the clothes she wears, the places she travels, or the things to cooks for dinner.  If you’re looking for a little inspiration to live simpler and happier, Simplicity Relished is the place to start!

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