Meet the Sponsors: The Chronicles of Chaos

Meet The Chronicles of Chaos

“The Chronicles of Chaos is definitely a lifestyle blog where I talk about a little of everything. But, this past summer, I made a decision to narrow down my niche and focus on a few topics that I’m really passionate about, which are: reading, writing, inspiration/creativity, and clean eating. But there are still some random posts thrown in – the word “chaos” is in the title, after all! :)”

Meet The Chronicles of Chaos

Write or Die Wednesdays: A Writing Prompt Link-Up

Using My Voice: A Work in Progress

Ding Dong Ditch: A Halloween Story

Maria vs. Mia

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  • Mia Sutton

    Thanks so much, Kiersten!! :)

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      You;re welcome, Mia!

  • Jessica Marie

    Just what I need – writing prompts! Can’t wait to check those out. :)

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      They’re awesome, Jessica! And there’s a new one each week :)

  • Shybiker

    Mia seems really nice. I’m browsing her blog now and finding lots of interesting stuff.

    • Kiersten McMonagle

      She is – and I love her blog! Have fun browsing :)