Friday Favorites

// Yesterday was Harry Potter’s birthday, and this article is just one more piece of evidence why J. K. Rowling’s books were such an important part of my generation’s childhood.  Did you know that children who have read the HP series are more accepting people?

// We all know that I love social media, especially Twitter.  But one thing I hate about Facebook and Twitter and Instagram?  The need to connect them all.  Each social media platform is a little bit different (except maybe Facebook and Google+…they seem pretty much identical to me), and sharing the exact same post across all of those platforms seems a little pointless and counterintuitive.  Nicole has a great post on why you should go disconnect all your social media platforms now.

// Shameless plug here, but I’m pretty darn excited about the feminist link-up Marielle and I have planned.  Interested?  Our first link-up is Thursday, August 8!

// The fact that there are two more of these awesome videos up on Youtube since I last checked.  Beyonce is amazing, and listening to her incredible writing as spoken work rather than as music?  Well…you just have to watch for yourself.

// The fact that Skillshare exists.  One of the things I’ll miss most about college is being able to learn – not just classes for my major and minor, but electives I had the opportunity to take.  Trust me when I say I considered sitting in on large lecture-hall classes in the fall where I knew the professors wouldn’t notice me.  Or when I say being a life-time student seems like a pretty great idea to me.  
Skillshare has some great FREE classes though, and that’s something I’m not passing up on!
// Speaking of things I’ve learned in classes, I remember taking a Friendship Communications (yes, that was a real class, and no it was not pointless) class in college where one of the first discussions my professor introduced was that of why romantic relationships seem to take precedence over platonic ones.  It’s something that’s stuck with me, and this article published on The Page Girls is so beautifully written I couldn’t not share it (so good, in fact, that I just used a double negative).
// This infographic from Pet Flow telling us why cats can be good for your health
And that’s all I have for you this week.  What have you been loving lately?

Friday Favorites

// The Fleetwood Mac station on Pandora.  Maybe I’m just super excited for the concert in October, but I can’t stop listening!

// The fact that I wrote this post on Tuesday.  I can’t believe I managed to schedule posts a few days ahead of time! Major procrastinator right here, and I usually wait until the morning of, ensuring that I’m running late for work most days

// This website I found on Life Hacks the other day.  You tell it what food is in your cabinet/fridge, and it gives you recipes for everything you could make with that stuff.  Cool, right?  Especially for this chick, who eats the same thing at least a few times a week.

// This incredible spoken word piece by Vanessa Marco.  Just watch.

// The show Lie to Me on Netflix.  Cal Lightman is just the kind of character I love – similar to Sherlock Holmes and British! – as are most of his coworkers.  Plus, I love picking up on all the nonverbal cues and studies that I learned in my college Communications Studies classes.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely suggest giving the show a try!
// Home-made iced tea, particularly green tea.  My roommate and I have been brewing and then refrigerating our own tea lately, and I love having a much healthier alternative (that still tastes delicious) to the kind I usually buy at the grocery store.

Friday Favorites!!….on Monday?

I know, I know.  It’s Monday, not Friday.  But let’s be real: Friday Favorites are one of my favorite posts to write, and I missed it last week because of a family emergency.  Besides, it’s my blog and I can share links if I want to, right?  Anyywaayyy, let’s get to the fun part, shall we?

// first-thing-in-the-morning-yoga….on the relatively rare occasions that I can motivate myself to get up that extra half hour earlier and actually do it.  It’s such a great wake-up call – better than the wake up call I usually give myself of pulling my computer up onto the bed with me and checking out social media.

// The Interestings I mentioned a couple weeks ago that it was on my reading list, and I’ve since started actually reading it.  It’s so good, guys! Definitely a perfect addition to your summer book list.

// This inspiring post from Cassie at [Witty Title Here] (if you feel as though I’m linking to her constantly, it’s because I am.  Take it as a hint that you should go check her out NOW)

// Pinterest.  Just…all day, erryday, I’m loving Pinterest lately.  What fantastic finds have you pinned lately?

// Shameless self-plug here, but my advertising program is pretty great too.  I’ve got two spots available now, and more coming up soon – so if you’re interested, now’s the time!

// I keep mentioning it, but the project Marielle and I have coming up is so exciting!

Friday Favorites: The Blogging Edition

Every Friday, I round up my favorite links, articles, websites, and videos from the last seven days and share them here for your perusal.  Today, I want to take that concept, and apply it to my favorite blogging resources from all over the Internet.


// I just started this awesome blog design course from A Beautiful Mess recently, and I’m loving it! Everything is explained in super simple terms, and each lesson is followed up with “homework” so you can apply what you’ve just learned and really drill it in.  I’ve been wanting to learn coding and design for a while now, and I’m so excited this exists to make it easier!

This isn’t a free resource – it costs $45 for the course.  But for me, that cost is completely worth it, especially given how much I could theoretically make from making blog designs in the future. If you’re interested in learning that particular art, then this course is a must!

// Nadine from East & has rounded up all of her favorite blogging resources - including posts of her own, as well as ones all over the Internet.  Her curation is a perfect place to go to find almost anything you might be looking for!

// I know I’ve already mentioned Nadine, but this particular post deserves it’s own category.  She’s rounded up a list of 7 places with free stock photos you can use on your blog or website, however you want.  This is a HUGE resource for bloggers, especially if you’re not too into photography yourself, or just don’t have time to get pictures for every post.

// Addie Zierman is in herself, a huge blogging resource.  This post pools together over 40 of her favorite blogging resources, and there are definitely some gems here!

// Influenster is a great resource not to find readers and connect, but to sort of monetize your blogging (and other social media) efforts.  The site calculates a score based on your blog and any other social media sites you provide, and based on that score you could be offered free products, coupons, etc.  I’ve gotten a couple of “gifts” from Influenster already, and they’ve had some pretty cool products.

// I absolutely love keeping up with Regina’s blog! She’s got tons of experience, and isn’t shy about sharing her abundance of knowledge for blogging, launching a creative business, and creative coaching.  I can’t even tell you how many of her posts I have pinned.

// This Pinterest board that Helene created is a huge resource for me, not just for finding awesome posts and articles, but also for sharing my own blog-related posts.

// Is anyone else completely lost when it comes to SEO, because I know it seems like a language I will never speak to me.  This post is a great run down of what you need to know as a blogger.

So what about you? What must-have blogging resources did I forget here?

Friday Favorites

// I’ve been waiting for this hilarious tampon commercial my entire life (or maybe just since the summer camp commercial).  Did anyone even know that Moon Parties were a real thing?

// Okay.  Maybe this one’s not a favorite.  I just can’t believe that our country still allows things like this to happen.  How is it 2014 and we’re still discriminating based on who somebody loves?

// This incredible video of a woman performing Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy as a monologue.

It’s completely amazing to hear her music as spoken word, and let’s be real – it just made me love Beyonce even more to hear her lyrics spoken like this.  
This article talks more about the performances, and also has two other videos: Mine, and Irreplaceable.
// The editorial calendar I’ve finally gotten around to making.  I’ve got my blog posts planned through the next three weeks….now I just need to write the posts
// This crazy-relatable post from East &.  If you’re a blogger, than you definitely know what she means by 1, 5, 6, and 14.  Amiright?
// My new office job.  Let’s be real – I love the desk life. 
// Speaking of which, can someone by me these outfits.  Like, all of them?
// This awesome new blog series from Where the Heart Is.  Have I mentioned how much I love The Beatles?

Friday Favorites


// This awesome list of blogging resources from Blue Print Social.  It’s got all kinds of different resources, like books that a lot of other bloggers have found helpful, photo editing tools, and classes you can take!  Who doesn’t love a good list of blogging resources?

// And while we’re on that subject, my post “10 Blogging Tools You Need to be Using” is being featured on BlogHer!! I’m pretty excited, in case you couldn’t tell.

// The Fault in Our Stars. I went to see the movie on Tuesday with a couple of friends, and all I can say is be prepared to cry.  Even if you already know the ending like I did.  I started crying about halfway through, and didn’t stop.  It was so ridiculous that at one point my roommate turned to me and just stared (for the record though, she cried too).  If you haven’t read the book, read it.  And if you haven’t seen the movie, GO!

// I started my first “real” job this week, and I love it!! I spent this week training, and I can’t wait to be on my own starting Monday!!

// And while we’re on that subject, can we just talk about how hard it is to find acceptable work clothing? No, I do not want to wear a body con dress to the office. Luckily, my mom dragged me to the outlets in our area, and we found a ton of stuff at Anne Taylor.

// This post from Alicia.  “It’s Not Your 20’s, It’s Life.”  Her point being that we have this way of when stuff doesn’t go well in our 20’s, blaming it on the decade we’re in.  But that’s not it – everyone, in every walk of life, faces their own hardships.

// This story about a leopard who took a baboon in as her child. I can’t even. Nature is seriously so amazing sometimes.

// This fun giveaway from Anna in Wonderland to promote her new book, Children of the Most High (Volume 1)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What are you loving this week?

Friday Favorites


// This hilarious post Marielle compiled with 14 creepy and totally ineffective pick-up lines.  But for real though…none of these guys could have honestly thought that what they were doing would work.  Which leads me to the logical conclusion that street harassment serves no purpose and is most certainly not a “compliment.”  (probably a post for another day, don’t you think?)

// 20 tips from 20 bloggers.  Yes please!

// These instructions on how to transfer newspaper onto canvas.  Because that is something I will definitely be doing sometime soon!

// On that same note, having a roommate who is an art major.  She makes such pretty things, and when I have a weird idea in my head of something I want to do (“hey R, how do I like…put newsprint onto a canvas…you know?”) she knows, and tells me how to do it.

// This movie came out today finally!  And I seriously cannot wait to have my heart ripped out by it.

// Also, this post Nadine wrote about her reaction to having seen the movie.  
// Gladiolas.  I’m basically in love with them…like, almost as much as I’m in love with sunflowers.


// My Hire Me page.  #shamelessselfplug Have you considered sponsoring She is Fierce?

Friday Favorites


// This group Pinterest board that Helene started for all things related to blogging

// Pretty much all of Regina’s posts, but especially this one on writing a business plan for your blog

// This little boy who claims to remember his past life….and has proof! Soooo creepy

// This thought-provoking illustration and others like it by Pawel Kuczynski


// That feeling you get when everything in your new apartment is finally unpacked and organized.  ahhhhhh

// This quote by John Green, and the beautiful illustration of it by Mei Lee


What are some of your favorite things from the last seven days?

Friday Favorites

// This post on Heart & Heart with tips on how to control your anxiety.  As a Type A, I need this.

// These beautiful photographs

// Yesterday was my last day of college.  This time tomorrow, I will officially have my degree in Communications Studies and Journalism

// The fact that there are hundreds of these around the world.  Where can I sign up?

// This easy to follow chart from here.

What about you?  What beautiful things around the Internet do you think need to be shared this week?

Yoga and apples and kittens, oh my!

It’s Friday again over here, and that means time for a weekly roundup of my favorite things.

1 // This post from [Witty Title Here].  I love this post and the conversation it starts, but more on that later.

2 // This this this!!  In-Between Life is suggesting a yoga every day in May challenge, and I am SO in!  I’ve recently started doing yoga more, and I’m loving it!


3 // Evernote.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and boy am I glad I did!  I’m crazy about organization, and this definitely helps with that!

4 // Apples and peanut-butter.  Enough said.

5 // And while we’re talking about yoga… yoga outside.  Yesterday, I took my mat out on the patio for the first time.  And I don’t think I’ll ever go back.  Well…until October when it gets cold and snowy and rainy and gross again.  Then I’ll probably go back inside.

6 // This extended trailer for The Fault in our Stars.  I may or may not have almost cried.

7 // Naps.  In fact, I think I’m going to take one now.  Happy Friday!

What are some of your favorite things from this week?