Friday Favorites

It’s been a long week over here, and I’d say I’m ready for the weekend but in the restaurant business that just means doubles on top of doubles.  Before I go don a kilt  and apron for the next three days though, I’ve got some of my favorite finds over the past week to share with you.

1 // This spoken word video by Sarah Kay on Youtube.  I’m pretty much in love with all over her writing/performances.  Do you have any favorite spoken word poets?  I’d love to hear them!

2 // This post Erin wrote on Two Thirds Hazel

3 // This quote I found on Pinterest


4 // These adorable coasters from Ravelry.  I’m determined to learn how to make them.

5 // The book The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman.  She’s the same author who wrote one of my favorite books (and consequent movie) Practical Magic. I downloaded the book months ago, but because of how crazy this semester has been I’m only just getting around to reading it.
I’m a sucker for any books having to do with magic, and this is no exception.  Do you have any great book recommendations?

6 // The discussion my Essay Writing class had today on truth in nonfiction.  It can be such a gray area! What are your thoughts on things like A Million Little Pieces?

What are your favorite finds from the past seven days?  I’d love to hear about them!