February Goals

February Goals

Reflecting on January: Blogging

I admittedly slacked off quite a bit in January, going an entire week without blogging at all, and others where I only posted two or three times. Something about the cold and dark of winter strips me of inspiration and creativity, leaving me with absolutely no idea (and no motivation) to write. That said, I have spent this month working on my social media approach, primarily by putting more time and effort into Facebook and Goodreads. I haven’t seen too much in the way of results yet, but I’m hoping that they’re coming!

Reflecting on January: Life

I’m going to go ahead and be the millionth person to say this, but I can’t believe how quickly January went. The winter months tend to drag by for me, a way-too-long ellipses between fall and spring; so it goes without saying that I’m pretty happy about how quickly this month went, even if it does mean that I can’t think of any recognizable changes I’ve made in my life or big events that have happened.

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February Goals

Focus on Reading One Book at a Time I have a ridiculous habit of reading four and five books at a time. I picked it up years ago, as a kid because I get bored quickly at the beginning of books and never quite got over it. Unfortunately, it ensures that it takes me three times as long to finish a book because instead of finishing one book, I get about halfway through three or four books (ex: in January, I finished three books and got halfway through two more).

Go One Week Without Meat Remember that time back in December when I said I was going to go a week without meat? Well, I completely forgot about it and so it never happened. I really want to do this in February though.

Spend More Time Away From the Computer After reading Alicia’s post on counteracting the effects of sitting in a cubicle all day, I started to realize that work isn’t the only place I spend the majority of my time in front of a screen. As a blogger, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the laptop at home as well. This month, I want to focus on unplugging once in a while.

Ringing in the New Year: 2015 Goals

2015 goals

You’ve probably already heard a hundred other people say this, but I can’t believe it’s already 2015.  Most days, I feel like I’m still in college at the very least, so the idea that my graduation was last year is more than I’m fully able to comprehend.  But believe it or not, 2015 is here, and that means time for looking back over 2014, and planning for 2015.

Reflecting on 2014: She is Fierce

Before 2014, She is Fierce didn’t exist.  It wasn’t until April that I started this little space, and it’s worth mentioning that this blog has grown so much since then.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve started to work on updating old posts – editing spacing, enlarging photos, etc, but it’s still so easy to see the difference between then and now (and, I should add, I’m definitely still working on editing old posts).  I owe a lot of that to this amazing community that’s helped me learn the ins and outs and, if the fact that I’ve been blogging for over five years but am still learning isn’t proof that you never get perfect at this thing, then nothing is.

Aside from starting this blog though, 2014 has meant a lot of big things for She is Fierce.  There was a rebrand over the summer, going from Chasing Extraordinary to She is Fierce, a name which I think suits both me and this space so much more. I’ve started a monthly feminist link-up with Kelly from The Lady Errant, and I’ve jumped into offering blog sponsorships.  I’ve started building a (small) community around this space, and have loved the conversations I’ve been able to have with all of you.

More than anything though, I’ve worked really hard on finding out what I want this space to be, figuring out the types of posts I enjoy writing the most.  I’m still growing (and I don’t think I’ll ever stop), but what I’ve figured out so far is that my favorite posts are the ones about blogging, feminism, and anything else I feel strongly about.

Reflecting on 2014: Life

As much as 2014 was a big year for She is Fierce, it was a big year in my life outside of blogging as well.  In May, I graduated from college with my degree in Communications and Journalism (and made my first student loan payments), and started taking classes towards my Paralegal License, which I’ll be finished up with in a couple months.  I attended my first writer’s conference, Boldface (and loved it).  I left my job as a waitress and started my first “real world” job, which I then left a couple months later for a full-time job at a firm in the city.

This past year meant a lot of growing up in my life, and it’s something I’m still getting used to most days, so here’s to even more growth in 2015!

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2015 Goals

Learn a New Craft I’m not 100 percent sure which one yet – I’ve been considering weaving, but I’d also really love to learn to knit or quilt.

Read 20 Books I think this is completely doable, but with full-time work, freelance writing, school, and blogging, I end up forgetting about just relaxing with a good book a lot of the time. I know it’s just not realistic to make reading a priority in my current life, but it is something I’d like to dedicate more time to in 2015.

Start an Etsy Shop I mentioned a couple of months ago that I really want to open an Etsy shop for my photography and crochet crafts. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and almost jumped into way too soon a couple of months ago. This year, I want to put the time and effort into getting this thing started.

Yoga I’m not going to make any type of concrete goal here because if I’m being honest, it just won’t happen. But I do want to get involved in consistent yoga practice in some form this year.

December Goals

December Goals

Reflecting on November: She is Fierce

I’ve been working on getting more personal on She is Fierce not with strictly personal posts, but by talking more about my life in posts that also serve another purpose.  I think that this is a great balance for me, a space between getting too personal and not enough, so I’m happy with that.  This month has also brought a small reboot to my sponsorship program, with the addition of some new options I’m excited about.  (And speaking of which, you can still get 40 percent off ALL ad spaces and services through the rest of the day.  Just enter the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!)

Reflecting on November: Life

Even though November is my birthday month (yay 23!), this has been a slow month in my life.  Mostly, November has been filled with getting into the routine of a 9 to 5 at my second month at an office, and figuring out how best to survive the daily commute.  Over the last couple weeks, I’ve applied to a few freelance opportunities around the Internet, and written some articles for a couple of other sources (like this one on HelloGiggles).  I’ve been working on letting go of the little things, which was one of my big goals for last month, and I think that for the most part I’ve been doing a good job.  As always though, this is a work in progress.

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December Goals

Ordering Out In short, I need to stop doing this so often.  Over the last couple weeks, I’ve ordered dinner out more times than I want to talk about, mostly because of how late I get home from work.  The thing is though, in the time I spend waiting for my food to be delivered, I could just as easily make something much healthier and cheaper.

Blog Planning Let it be known that I am the absolute worst at planning for this blog.  I have nothing even resembling an editorial calendar (I used to, but after months of not using it I just gave up and stopped making one at all), and for the most part I end up writing posts the day (or night) before they go live.  I want to get back to scheduling posts ahead of time and at least make a weekly editorial calendar.

Go One Week Without Meat I don’t think I could ever be a vegetarian, because there are certain foods that I love, like Italian sausage and steamed dumplings.  But for the most part, I don’t like meat very much, and I know how much healthier veggies are for me.  I’d like to go one week this month, just to see how it makes me feel, what I’m able to find to eat, and how difficult it is.

Clothing Dump The seasons are officially changing, and my closet is filled with clothes I never wear.  This month, I want to make it a goal to go through my drawers and closet and pull out all the things I don’t wear so that I can donate them, and hopefully make room for the types of clothes I want to be wearing.

So what about you? What are your goals for the last month of the year?

November Goals

November Goals

Reflecting on October: She is Fierce

This past month has been a slow one for She is Fierce, filled with growth but no big and exciting changes to report.  While I only managed to schedule a full week of posts once, I’ve been getting better about having post ideas ready and getting articles set to go. I’m so excited to see this space turning into one that I’m so proud of and that I can’t imagine not coming to each day.

Reflecting on October: Life

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that October’s been a stressful month for me.  A 1 1/2 to 2 hour commute both ways for work has been taking it’s toll, and most days by the time I get home from work, I’m too exhausted to get much of anything done.  But with homecoming a couple of weeks ago which meant friends I haven’t seen in months coming to visit, and my nephew’s 2nd birthday last weekend, it’s also been an exciting month filled with some great memories and friendly faces I don’t get to see very often.

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November Goals

Freelancing Since my internship at the local newspaper a year ago, I’ve been freelancing small feature articles once in a while. This month though, I’d like to work on finding more freelance writing opportunities, primarily online.  I’ve written a few articles for BlogHer, but I’d like to extend beyond that and find more online sources that I can write for.  Do you have any sources you love writing for or could suggest?

Pack a Lunch Let’s be honest: I’ve never been a particularly healthy eater, and I’m awful about saving money.  Working in the city though, I’ve gotten even worse about both of those things, and this month I’d like to work on packing my lunch at least twice a week. My office has a great lunch room for employees to eat in, and a lot of my coworkers do just that.  There’s no reason why I can’t bring something delicious in with me at least a couple times a week.

Let Go of the Little Things I mentioned in a post last week that I believe one of the easiest ways to be happier is to stop letting little things turn into big things.  I’m nothing if not guilty of doing just that, and this month I want to work on taking my own advice and letting go of the things that just don’t matter that much.

Get Personal This was one of my goals last month, but it’s something I want to continue to work on because I don’t think I did a very good job of it last month.  It’s definitely a struggle for me, trying to strike a balance between “diary” and “anybody could be writing this,” so it’s going to take a lot of work and any advice you might have for me!

So tell me? What are you planning for this month? Anything exciting?

October Goals

She is Fierce - October Goals: One of my favorite things about the new month, is getting to set new goals for the next 30 days

Reflecting on September: She is Fierce

The last few months have been big ones for She is Fierce, as I’ve started to grow this space and turn it into what I want it to be: a community, and a place of inspiration.  In September, some of those changes have been the switch from Blogger to WordPress, a new blog design from The Grits Blog that I love, and updating old posts so that everything matches.

Reflecting on September: Life

September has been a big month in my life, full of changes just like it always has been.  Instead of heading back to school this fall, I headed off to a new job in the city.  I’ve been working in a small firm since graduation, doing a job I loved but that was only part-time.  This month, I was offered a full-time job in Philly, and I absolutely love everything about it so far! This Friday is my last day of training, and I can’t wait to get started working on my own next week!

Favorites from September

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October Goals

Read 3 Books: Having a job in the city while living in the suburbs means that I spend about four hours each day commuting to and from work.  As much as I miss having those four hours to sleep a little later and get some work done in my classes or in blogging at home, being on the bus forces me to find something else to do.  Normally, I don’t have much time to read, and now that I do, I want to make sure that I’m doing as much of it as possible!

Schedule Posts: In the last couple of months, I’ve gotten into the habit of scheduling posts the night before.  Now that I’m getting home close to 8pm every night, I need to make sure that I have posts ready to go in case I don’t have time to write them the night before.  I’d like to start getting posts scheduled for at least a week at a time.

Grammar: Okay – if I’m being honest, grammar is just not something I pay attention to in my blog posts.  I can be pretty lazy, and a lot of times I forget to read through posts for proper grammar.  I know this is something I need to start focusing on more, so this month I want to work on reading through each of my posts before scheduling them.

Get Personal: One of the biggest pieces of advice I received in last month’s Reader Survey is that you all would love to see more of my life on this space.  This month, I’d like to work on finding a middle ground where I share my personal life without compromising what I want this space to be.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

So what about you?  What are you planning for October? We’d love to hear it over at The Nectar Collective’s link-up!

Welcoming September and Looking Back on August

For the first time I can remember, September doesn’t mean blank notebooks, sharp pencils, and new classrooms.  While I’m still technically a student in the online sense while I finish up classes for my paralegal license, this is the first year I won’t be walking into five new classrooms with five new professors.  

Since my graduation in May, it’s been more difficult to pinpoint exactly who I am and what I’m doing.  I know very specific, day-to-day goals, but long-term is cloudier than it’s ever been.  While I know the month-to-month is still very short-term, I think it helps to have goals set out so I know at least something that I’m not completely confused about.

Reflecting on August: She is Fierce

This past month meant a lot of housekeeping for this blog.  I’ve welcomed a new design, care of Whitney for this space, and have taken some advice from Katie to start refreshing old posts.  As relatively new as this space is (I only started this blog in April! It feels so much longer than that…), I’ve got plenty of old posts to go back and update, whether it’s to refresh a photo, make some minor edits, or simply change the font to something easier to read.  I started on this project a few weeks ago, and even though I’ve still got plenty more to do, I can already see the differences it’s making.

Reflecting on August: Life

As busy as July has been for She is Fierce, it’s been pretty slow for the rest of my life.  I’ve got a couple of exciting things going on that I’m not ready to announce just yet, but they made a wonderful end to my month!  I slipped a couple of times on my goal to give up soda entirely, but for the most part I’ve been making sure to drink plenty of water each day.  And while yoga is still a work in process, with many days ending before I’ve remembered to practice, I can see other areas of my life where I’ve worked on being healthier.  Most days, I’ve traded my usual lunches at work for a salad down the street, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to bring more veggies into my diet over the next four weeks.  This month has also meant the end of waitressing for me, something I’ve long been wanting to get out of, so that’s certainly a happy fact of August for me. 

The Etsy Shop I swore I’d have started by now isn’t anywhere near ready.  It’s something that my roommate helped me realize I was rushing into, and which I know now needs much more planning than I was originally putting into it.  So as much as I’d like to tell you to head on over, I’ve got some more work to do on that front.

Favorites from August

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September Goals

Etsy Shop

I mentioned that the Etsy Shop goal never quite materialized in August.  It’s something that my roommate helped me to realize needed far more planning and though than I was giving it.  I don’t expect to have anything up and running by the next time I’m writing one of these posts, but I do want to have more plans for it laid out.


This is a pretty ridiculous goal for a nearly-23-year-old to have, but this month I’d like to incorporate at least one vegetable a day into my diet.  I’ve never been a lover of veggies (or for that matter, anything healthy.  My mom would attest to that fact), so they’re something I’ve been more than happy to leave out of most meals.  

Social Media

This is something I used to be really good at, at least with Twitter.  But lately, I’ve kind of let it slide by unnoticed, especially on weekends.  Over the next month, I’d like to work on increasing my social media presence again, especially on Pinterest and Twitter as those are my favorite platforms.  Any tips for Facebook, Google+, or Instagram?

Horse-Back Riding

From elementary school until my sophomore year of high-school, I regularly horse-back rode.  It’s something I absolutely loved, but when I started having some problems with my hip that we couldn’t figure out, a doctor suggested I stop riding for a bit in case that was the cause.  By the time we figured out what it was, I was on my way to college and just never got back into it.  

I’ve been missing riding like crazy lately, and over the past few days I’ve been really thinking about how I can get back into it.  By the end of September, I’d like to have a plan for moving forward with that.  

Blog Post Updates

I mentioned that this is something I’ve started doing over the last couple of weeks, but I’d like to have it completely finished by the end of September.  That means photo sizes and text, post text, header formats, and grammar updates on all of my archived posts between April and now.

Stock Photos

When I first started making sure to incorporate at least one photo into all of my posts, I pulled most of my photos from free stock sites like Unsplash.  As beautiful as these photos are, and as well as they work for a lot of my posts, I’d like to start making sure the majority of photography on this blog is my own.  Lately, I’ve been making sure that if I have a photo I can use for a post, I do.  But part of this is that eventually, I’d like to go back and edit out as many stock photos as I can.  And finally, I’d like to build up a folder of my own “stock” photos, so that I can search through there whenever I’m not sure what photo to use for a post.  

So what about you?  What are you planning for September? We’d love to hear it over at The Nectar Collective’s link-up!

On Making My First Bucket List

For the last several months, I’ve started out with a list of goals at the beginning of the month; a set of things I hope to accomplish within those set four weeks.  Since I’ve started this, I’ve noticed how much more I am able to get done, the things that I never would have even approached if I hadn’t written it down on May, June, July, August 1st.

One thing I have noticed though, is that most of these goals are short-term: read five books, write seven articles, yoga every day for a month, etc.  What I haven’t accomplished yet is a list of long-term goals – things I hope to have accomplished in the next five, 10, or even 20 years.  I think this is because most of the time, as much as I love and have grown from goal-setting, Bucket List has a sort of childish ring to it.  Or maybe, to me at least, it just feels like a list of things I’ll never actually get around to, a set of make-believe goals I’ll forget about as the years pass.

But more and more recently, I’m realizing how important it is to have a list like this, if for no other reason than to be able to look back in a few years and realize how much I’ve done that I wanted to.  So starting today, right here and right now, I’m starting my first bucket list: a compilation of the realistic dreams that right now, are just beyond my fingertips, or maybe even further beyond.  The things that I want more than anything, and that I know I can do one day.


// Go to London
// See Vatican City
// Take a road trip across America
// Ride an elephant in South Africa
// Fill my passport
// Go on vacation to another country by myself


// Publish a book of essays/short stories
// Reach a point with my blog where I am making more than I am spending on it
// Pay off my student loans
// Work somewhere where I have my own office
// Open an Etsy shop and sell my work
// Teach someone something important


// Live alone for at least a year
// Live in a state other than Pennsylvania
    // NYC
    // San Francisco
// Be someone’s Maid of Honor
// Learn a second language
// Start horse-back riding again

Right now, my list is short – just a few things in each category.  And I don’t plan to set a timetable for this, because I believe that some of these things may take years, maybe even most of my life.  But that doesn’t make them any less worth accomplishing.

July in Review and Looking Towards August

Hello, August – the one month of the year that feels more like an ending than a beginning.  Even though (for the first time I can remember) I won’t be going back to school in a few weeks, August still feels like the end of summer, and the beginning of long, cold days.

But what August also signifies to me is the perfect time for new goals.  For giving ourselves a fresh start and a clean slate to make our dreams come true.

Reflecting on July: She is Fierce

Just like June, July has meant a lot of growth for this space.  I’ve changed up my sponsorship program – going from Passionfruit to Adproval, and so far I’m loving the new program and the helpful staff that seems to come with.  This switch also means a few new ad spaces so that you can find the perfect one for you and your blog or shop!

It’s not here yet, but a  new design is also in the works for She is Fierce, care of Whitney.  Between that and the great sponsorships and blog reviews I have planned for the coming weeks, August should mean some fun changes ’round here.

Reflecting on July: Life

July has been a relaxing month around here (if you don’t count working two jobs, plus classes and freelance writing).  I never really got around to starting that budget (just making a lot of lists that included “budget” and making a basic framework that I never followed up on).  Even though I never got around to budgeting though, I have started putting money into savings – so I’m counting that goals as half-complete.  Yoga every day was a success!  I started (and maybe didn’t finish) plenty of books that I’m really enjoying so far, and my bedroom is officially decorated. 

Favorites from July

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August Goals


I mentioned above that I have done yoga every day this past month, but for the most part it wasn’t very organized.  The days where I actually watched a video and followed a flow were few and far between, and this month I’d like to make that more of a regularity rather than simply jumping on the mat and doing whatever I feel like (ie. downward dog, cobra, crow, pigeon, and a few miscellaneous stretches for the most part).  On the rare occasion that I did follow a “flow”, I really enjoyed Adriene’s videos, so I’m planning on follow her channel for something I can actually do.  


I finally managed to cut soda out of my diet in the last couple weeks.  But I still don’t think I’m drinking enough water.  This month, I’d like to make it a goal to drink at least 5 bottles of water a day.

Feminist Link-Up 

A few weeks ago, Marielle e-mailed me with an idea for a new link-up – one with the focus on feminism, which is a topic the both of us had noticed a lack of in the blogging community.  Thus was born The F-Word, a monthly link-up for bloggers to talk feminism.  Our first one is this Thursday, with the optional topic of when did you first realize you were a feminist. 

I’m really excited about this new project, both because of what it is and because Marielle is one of my favorite bloggers out there, so working with her on this is super exciting! I know there have to be plenty of bloggers out there just waiting for a reason to talk feminism, so I hope you’ll all join us this Thursday!

Schedule a full week of posts

I’ve been slowly working on getting posts scheduled ahead of time (although clearly today was not one of those days), and my next goal with this is to get a full week planned! I’ll be on vacation with my family next week, so that’s the perfect time to plan for, I think.  What are your suggestions on planning several posts ahead of time?

Work on the A Beautiful Mess design course 

Okay, last month I had a goal to complete this course in July, but clearly that didn’t happen.  This month, I’m trying to be more realistic in respect to all the things I have going on.  I know I won’t complete this course any time soon, but I would like to do some serious work on it!  This might mean a purchase in the near future of Photoshop Elements.

Etsy Shop

I’ve been telling friends and family for a while now that I want to start an Etsy shop with some of my photography and crochet, but it hasn’t actually happened yet.  I don’t know if the shop will go live this month, but I’d like to get ready for it to happen – figure out where I’ll print photos and what sizes, get some inventory ready, and build the shop.


I love sites like Unsplash that offer free stock photos for you to do whatever with, but I also think there’s a lot to be said for using your own photography.  In the last couple weeks, I’ve worked hard to make sure I use my own pictures in my posts, and I’d like to continue that in August.  Over the next few weeks, I want to work towards building a cache of my own “stock” photos that I can use when I need one for a post.

So what about you? What are your goals for August?

July Goals

It’s that time of month again: the beginning.  My favorite part.  And that means time to reflect on last month, and look forward to this new one.


Reflecting on June: She is Fierce

Somehow, June was a pretty big month for She is Fierce.  This little space experienced some pretty big growth in social media, a result I think of both my increased social media use and sponsorships.  I’ve also implemented blog sponsorships, and have a few beautiful little spaces featured over on the left there.  In the last week, I’ve started an editorial calendar, and have the next six weeks planned out for this space (now I just need to actually write the posts).  I love how much this space is growing and changing, and I can’t wait to see what July brings!

Reflecting on June: Life

This month has brought a couple changes to my real life as well, not the least of which is a new job that I absolutely love! Early in the month, I learned that I’d gotten an interview at a local law firm and starting about three weeks ago, I started my first 9 to 5 job.  

Favorites from June

// Finding Happiness in the Monotony of Contentment
// Five Lessons I’ve Learned from Five Years of Blogging
// I Believe
// The Words that Create Us
// Personal Growth and Blogging (Guest Post on Hello Neverland)

July Goals

Start a budget: 

I’ve been saying for months (okay, years) that I need to start a personal budget, but I never do because, well, I’m lazy.  I’d like to start putting money into savings each month though (you know, for the ever-looming student loans), and I think this is probably the easiest way to do that.

Read 3 books

I love reading, and have a ridiculously long list of books I want to read.  I never set aside the time to do it though, and this month I want to work on making sure I do.  

My Bookshelf

On that same note, I’d like to set up a series on this blog called My Bookshelf.  My plan is to write book suggestions, reviews, takeaways…anything related to books I’ve read or want to read.  Do you have any types of posts you’d like to see in this series?

Figure out Google+

For the past month or so, I’ve been using Google+, but only really in the sense of linking to my blog each day.  I know there’s more on there, and that it is a huge resource, but I just don’t understand any of it.  This month, I’m going to learn more about Google+!

Complete the A Beautiful Mess design course 

I started this course a couple weeks ago, but haven’t had a lot of time to devote to it.  It’s a great course though, and I really want to learn more about design and HTML.  


I’ve done yoga off and on for years, but this month I’d like to start making it a daily practice.  There are so many benefits to yoga, and it’s something I’d really like to get better at.

Work on Improving She is Fierce

And this is where you can help me! I’ve got plenty of ideas for this space, but I need your input to – what makes you read She is Fierce, and what would you like to see more of here?  I’d love if you could take this super short survey for me!

June Goals


It’s no secret that I’m a lover of new things: calendars, school semesters, the year, books, blog names, towns….  And, of course, new months.  I think it’s the idea that I get to start over again a fresh page. It’s the illusion of a new beginning, and I have no intention of giving up on that hope. So, in true blogger fashion and in celebration of another new beginning, today’s post is all about goals and review.

Favorites from May
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May Goals in Review
// Reach 50 followers on Bloglovin‘ : Done and done.  I’m so so happy this space is growing

// Start taking much more photos : Okay…this one might be a bit of a fail, unfortunately.  I really do want to start working on this more, but life has been so hectic I’ve kind of let it go.

// Write five days a week, every week : Except for one week where I only posted once, I think I can consider this goal met.    

// Work on writing more meaningful posts : I think I’ve done a pretty good job of this.  Of course, there are still lists and the like, but I’ve written some posts that I’m pretty proud of this month, and I’m excited to write more like them.

// Start using social media more : I think I’ve done a pretty good job of this one too, especially with Twitter and Pinterest.  I also recently created a Google+ and a BlogHer, which I’d like to figure out and start using regularly this month.

// Get moved into the new place : YES!  I’m basically in love with this apartment, and I managed to get everything unpacked and put away in one weekend.

// Learn to make one real meal : Okay..I may have completely forgotten about this one…

// Fully edit and submit my essay : That hasn’t happened fully either.  I’ve started the edits, but I’ve only been back from Boldface for about a week.

// Get ready for Paralegal school to begin : I know which classes I plan to take, and just need to sign up for them at this point.  T-minus one week!

June Goals
// Use my camera at least once a week : I’m hoping that if I give myself a more specific photo-related goal, I’ll be better able to accomplish it.

// Start working with other bloggers : I have a Sponsorship and a Hire Me page set up, but this month I’d like to start using them.

// Begin writing and scheduling posts ahead of time : Katie wrote a great post about scheduling your posts to create regularity with your blog.

// Work on a weekly series about my experiences waitressing : Dayna writes all kinds of funny posts about her experiences waitressing, and this got me thinking about starting my own series.  Perhaps on Mondays, when the rest of blog world is recapping their lovely weekends and I’m scrubbing the whiskey out of my hair?