June Goals


It’s no secret that I’m a lover of new things: calendars, school semesters, the year, books, blog names, towns….  And, of course, new months.  I think it’s the idea that I get to start over again a fresh page. It’s the illusion of a new beginning, and I have no intention of giving up on that hope. So, in true blogger fashion and in celebration of another new beginning, today’s post is all about goals and review.

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May Goals in Review
// Reach 50 followers on Bloglovin‘ : Done and done.  I’m so so happy this space is growing

// Start taking much more photos : Okay…this one might be a bit of a fail, unfortunately.  I really do want to start working on this more, but life has been so hectic I’ve kind of let it go.

// Write five days a week, every week : Except for one week where I only posted once, I think I can consider this goal met.    

// Work on writing more meaningful posts : I think I’ve done a pretty good job of this.  Of course, there are still lists and the like, but I’ve written some posts that I’m pretty proud of this month, and I’m excited to write more like them.

// Start using social media more : I think I’ve done a pretty good job of this one too, especially with Twitter and Pinterest.  I also recently created a Google+ and a BlogHer, which I’d like to figure out and start using regularly this month.

// Get moved into the new place : YES!  I’m basically in love with this apartment, and I managed to get everything unpacked and put away in one weekend.

// Learn to make one real meal : Okay..I may have completely forgotten about this one…

// Fully edit and submit my essay : That hasn’t happened fully either.  I’ve started the edits, but I’ve only been back from Boldface for about a week.

// Get ready for Paralegal school to begin : I know which classes I plan to take, and just need to sign up for them at this point.  T-minus one week!

June Goals
// Use my camera at least once a week : I’m hoping that if I give myself a more specific photo-related goal, I’ll be better able to accomplish it.

// Start working with other bloggers : I have a Sponsorship and a Hire Me page set up, but this month I’d like to start using them.

// Begin writing and scheduling posts ahead of time : Katie wrote a great post about scheduling your posts to create regularity with your blog.

// Work on a weekly series about my experiences waitressing : Dayna writes all kinds of funny posts about her experiences waitressing, and this got me thinking about starting my own series.  Perhaps on Mondays, when the rest of blog world is recapping their lovely weekends and I’m scrubbing the whiskey out of my hair?

Goals for May (and a giveaway!)

In the blogging world, it seems like the beginning of a new month means two things: a ton of giveaways, and goals for the month ahead.  And who am I to argue with either one of those things?  I love making lists (especially of things I need to get accomplished), and who doesn’t love free stuff?  So in celebration of what I consider the beginning of spring, I’ve got both of those things for you today.  Exciting, right?


Blog Goals

1 // Reach 50 followers on Bloglovin‘! I’m so excited to start growing this little space on the Internet.

2 // Start taking much more photos

3 // Write five days a week, every week (this one is going to be difficult for me)

4 // Work on writing more meaningful posts, rather than just lists and photos

5 // Start using social media more, and better.  Anybody have suggestions?

Life Goals

1 // Get moved in to new place!!! (May 17th…I’m counting down the days)

2 // Get my room fully unpacked and decorated

3 // Learn to make one real meal.  Pinterest, anyone?

4 // After Boldface, get my essay fully edited and ready to submit to literary magazines

5 // Choose classes for Paralegal School, and get ready to start classes in June

What about you?  What are your goals for the next 30 days?

And now, on to the best part of today’s post: the giveaway!!