April Showers: 4 Ideas For a Rainy Day

rainy day ideas

I think we can all agree that rainy days are not on our list of favorite things, particularly not after a weekend as beautiful as the one we just had.  That doesn’t mean they don’t have their perks though, and as I’m laying here listening to the sky fall outside, cuddled up with my kitten and thinking about the Thai food getting delivered to my house, I’m thinking I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Just in case you’re still feeling pretty ba-humbug about the weather though, I’ve got a list of all the reasons why you should be happy when you see rain clouds outside your window.

Rainy Day in Ireland


Rainy days make for the perfect excuse to binge watch five too many episodes of Pretty Little Liars. And when you’ve finished the three seasons available on there like I have, you’ve got a whole list of other potential shows to watch.  Does anybody have any suggestions for shows I should add to my list?

Sleeping In

Of course I had class at 9:30 this morning, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t dreaming of my nice warm bed back at home. And as soon as that class let out, you better believe I was right back in my PJs and lying in bed.


Rain is the perfect excuse not to make anything at home, and an even better excuse to eat something which might not be construed as entirely healthy.  That’s where some delicious Thai take-out comes in.  Anyone else totally in love with drunken noodles and beef, because this girl has eaten more of it than she cares to admit in the past month.

Raindrops on Flowers

Bubble Bath

If you do have to venture outside, when you come back in you’re cold and dripping.  I don’t know about you, but for me – that makes the perfect excuse for a hot bubble bath.

And if you’re still singing to the tune of “rain, rain go away” after that, well just remember that “April showers bring May flowers,” and warmer days are ahead.