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Breaking the Blogging Mold

I always struggle with introducing my blog because there’s not quite a category I fit into.  I don’t know the first thing about fashion or makeup, my DIY’s aren’t anything anyone would want to duplicate, I can’t cook much more than mac n’ cheese and bang bang cauliflower, and HTML is a foreign language I don’t even know how to say “hello” in.  So when I read that we’re supposed to have an elevator pitch for our blog – what we’re about and why – I struggle.

Generally speaking, I guess you’d call me a lifestyle blogger, but  I try not to write too much about my life just for the sake of writing about it.  You’ll probably never find an “if we had coffee” post here, but what you will find are feminist articles, personal essays, creative writing, and thoughtful discussions about inspiration and current events.  And if this mixed bunch of writing that I don’t know how to classify says anything about blogging, it’s that there’s room for everyone in the blogging world.

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Be Yourself

This is advice you hear a lot in the blogging community, but that’s because it’s important.  Most of us ended up here, writing a blog, because it’s something we wanted to do; whether because we love writing, want to connect with other people, or because we feel we have something to share.  Don’t forget about that once you’ve been blogging for a while and have found a ton of really successful blogs out there.  Don’t let your reasons for being here change because someone else’s reasons have gotten results.

Blog What You Know

If you aren’t into fashion, and cooking a delicious three-course meal is the last thing on your mind, don’t blog about those things just because other bloggers do.  Blog about what makes sense to you, and what you enjoy talking about – I bet there are other people out there who like the same things, and would love to read a blog post about them.

If what you know is how to take care of birds, then that’s what you should blog about.  Or if you’re more well-versed in politics, then there are plenty of uninformed voters out there who would love to hear what you have to say about the candidates.  Maybe what you know the most about is something we’ve never even heard of, and that’s all the more reason you should write about it.

We Don’t All Fit Into a Mold

There are all kinds of blogs out there: fashion, design, travel, marriage, gourmet cooking… But we don’t all fit into those specific categories.  Even “lifestyle” can be restrictive if what you have to offer isn’t funny stories about your day-to-day life.

But the great thing about blogging is that you don’t have to fit into a mold.  There’s space for everyone, and if what you have to say doesn’t fit into a category, then make your own and figure out what you want to say and how you want to say it!

Get Good at Knowing What You Write

If you don’t fit into a category that most people know, that makes it harder to tell potential new readers why they should stop by.  Know what it is that you love talking about, and get good at telling people about that!  If you were talking to your best friend or your mom, what would you tell them your blog is about?  How would you describe it?  Figure that out and remember it for the next time you get asked what your blog is about.

This post first appeared as a guest post on The Charming.


About Page
I’m Kiersten – a 22-year-old feminist post-grad. with a penchant for debate, an absolute love of cats, and a soul that wishes it were better at creativity.  
I graduated in May, 2014 with a degree in Communications and Journalism that most would call useless, but I am convinced is absolutely full of possibilities.  It’s an education I wouldn’t trade for the world, and no matter what your education is in, I don’t think you should trade it either.

Because the fact is, your education and your beliefs are the only two things that nobody can take from you.  And trust me – they’ll try, but never let them.  

I may be finished with college, but I’m not entirely ready to give it up just yet.  I’m currently taking online classes to earn my Paralegal Degree, and by day I work in a law firm.  I love writing and photography, even though photography is a skill I can’t say I’m all that good at yet.  I spent years horseback riding from elementary school through early high-school, and I have a plan to get back into it as soon as possible, because I miss it more than you can imagine.  I’m an introvert, and I love to argue, which I know are two things that don’t go together very well.  Give me a delicious pumpkin bread loaf, and I’ll probably love you forever, or at least for a day. 

I launched She is Fierce in April of 2014, but this isn’t my first foray into the blogging world.  I started my first blog – a sad little experiment in social community and failed 365 photography projects – with my best friend in our senior year of high-school.  We wrote about the everyday struggles of a high-school senior, our favorite authors (ie: Augusten Burroughs), and anything else that popped into our heads that night.  Since then, I’ve blogged off and on for about five years throughout a few different blogs, but She is Fierce is the first one I’ve buckled down and really cared about.  

Technically, She is Fierce is a Lifestyle Blog, but I try to stay away from blogging about my life without any meaning or takeaway, and you’ll definitely never find any kind of “style” here.  Instead, this blog is a place for meaning, for inspiration, and for debate.  I blog about feminism, current events, creative writing, beliefs, and meaning all in the form of personal essays that make you think about what you believe.  

I want you to navigate away from here inspired to know your beliefs, think more deeply, and to gain a better understanding of the world around you.  I want to inspire you to look at the way you live your life, and why.  

If you want to talk, shoot me an email; or if you’re thinking about working together, head on over to my advertising page to learn more about sponsorships and collaboration.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to build something together!