On #WomensLives and Why I’m Getting Involved

About a month ago, I received an email from BlogHer asking me if I’d be interested in participating in a project called #WomensLives with She Knows Media and Public Radio International. I remember being so excited because the project seemed absolutely perfect for me and my blog, as it was described as being a journalistic venture relating specifically to women and feminist issues. I’ve mentioned the project briefly before, and have been sharing it on Twitter and Facebook, but I’ve yet to introduce it in a specific blog post. I couldn’t think of a good way to introduce the project, since I already write about feminism so much in this space. What I realized though is that a lot of people might not understand the project or why I’m getting involved, and since there are so many reasons, that’s what I want to share today.


Global Feminism

It’s not secret that I’m a feminist or that the movement is one I enjoy talking about here. What is also clear though is that the posts I write are ones about issues that effect me personally. That only makes sense, because this is a lifestyle blog and the issues I’d know most intimately would of course be the ones I’m impacted by.

Something I love about #WomensLives though is that it opens my eyes to the need for feminism all over the world, and in every woman’s life. Mary recently wrote an amazing post on why, despite believing in feminism, she doesn’t identify as a feminist: it often fails to recognize or even listen to women of color. I love that in the short time I’ve been participating in this project so far, I’ve already been introduced to so many issues that I knew about but never paid much attention to, or that I simply didn’t realize existed.

Feminist Community

I’ve written before about how much I love the community aspect of blogging, and Kelly and I started The F Word Link-Up in order to foster a community for feminist bloggers to share with and support one another. So it stands to reason that I’d believe one of the best parts of #WomensLives is the opportunity it provides to meet and interact with other feminist bloggers.

Aside from the obvious community built through the hashtag on social media, BlogHer has also fostered an amazing community through this project by building a private Facebook group for all participating members. Each day, I’m able to connect with women all over the world sharing their posts and other articles they’ve found about feminism in our world.

Together We Are Stronger

As much as I love (and will continue) writing about feminism on She is Fierce, it stands to reason that our voices are much louder as a group than they are as individuals. I write about feminism and the impact it stands to make because I want to make that impact. I want things to change, and for children 50 years from now to be shocked by the inequality impacting the world today.

As a group, as hundreds of women working together with She Knows Media, BlogHer, and Public Radio International, our voices are far more likely to be heard and listened to. That’s why, above any other reason, I am proud to be a part of this community and this movement.